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Career OpportunitiesStatistical Research, Inc., has provided comprehensive heritage management consulting services for over 25 years. These services encompass all disciplines of heritage management, including archaeology, architectural history, cultural anthropology, cultural geography/geospatial technology, geomorphology/soil science, historic architecture, history, historic preservation, information sciences, laboratory management, and material sciences, and we constantly seek employees with expertise in these areas. We also seek professionals in accounting, computer science/information technology, finance, human resources, marketing, project management, operations, and research administration to help run the company and provide support to our technical specialists.

SRI is one of the largest heritage management firms in the world, and we are continuing to grow. We currently have offices across the western United States and have conducted projects in six different countries in Europe and the Americas. SRI boasts current employees who have been presidents of the American Cultural Resources Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology, and the Register of Professional Archaeologists. We employ more scientists with doctoral degrees than any other heritage company in North America and most academic departments. Statistical Research, Inc., is the perfect place to start or continue your career and successfully achieve your goals.


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