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Dennis Gallegos Joins Statistical Research, Inc.

Statistical Research, Inc., would like to announce the appointment of Mr. Dennis Gallegos as Regional Marketing Director, effective March 16, 2009. Mr. Gallegos has been working as an archaeologist in southern California for 30 years and brings considerable expertise to SRI. Dennis will be focusing on providing SRI with a strong marketing presence in San Diego and Imperial Counties, which he has developed from his work with Gallegos and Associates in San Diego, California. His research interests include human adaptation to climate change, with particular emphasis on settlement and subsistence patterns associated with the formation of estuaries and lagoons in southern California.

Along with his marketing work, Mr. Gallegos will also be working with research groups focused on coastal adaptations. His excellent reputation for providing high-quality cultural resource management services for both the private and public sector will make him a valuable member of the SRI team.

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